Turbulent Hour

Jet Radio’s Turbulent Hour is Alameda’s rap central, co-piloted by the notorious Jake Beales and Big Sy in the Morning. The music selection for the hour is curated evenly among the on-air personalities. For the first thirty minutes, Jake provides the listeners with a myriad of underground rap music, ranging from the golden age of rap to music that’s less than a week old. In the last thirty minutes, Sylas provides the listeners with essential tracks from pivotal rap movements of yesteryear, such as early Trap music, Crunk, and the Bay Area’s very own, Hyphy movement. Aside from the music, The Turbulent Hour includes a segment called Another Man’s Treasure, where Jake and Sy take a deep dive into the weirdest products the market has to offer at 8:15, as well as a sports update with 96.1 KJTZ’s flamboyant reporter, Lil’ Jinoo at 8:45. If you like your hip-hop served with a side of engaging commentary, make sure to turn your dial to 96.1FM every Tuesday morning from 8 to 9.