Jet Radio


96.1 KJTZ is a radio station entirely run by students, located at Encinal High School, in Alameda. The station is a class that students can take, allowing them to learn about and get firsthand experience in radio and other sorts of broadcasting. 96.1 KJTZ is a low-power fm radio station meant to serve the east bay community, primarily Alameda. Tune in every weekday morning!

Course Description:


(UC/CSU “G” approved elective)                                 

Radio Broadcast Journalism I is an introductory course focused on the analysis and practice of electronic news gathering, media production and presentation from a variety of theoretical, philosophical, artistic and historical perspectives.  Students will produce, market, and broadcast live and pre-recorded segments on our new student-operated radio station 96.1/KJTZ.  Students will develop on air content and understand the complexities and nuances of broadcast radio journalism.  Student will gain a richer understanding of the ideals, constraints, rituals, and routines of the global news media, all while gaining practical experience as emerging broadcast media journalists. 



(UC/CSU “G” approved elective)

Radio Broadcast Journalism II is a professional course focused on operating an urban market radio station. Lessons and skills learned in Radio Broadcast I will be instrumental and essential in Radio II as it emphasizes the operational pieces of radio including marketing, programming, engineering, and production of a major market radio station. Students will develop a live on air morning show as well as produce 30 to 60 minute pre-recorded segments to be aired after the live morning show.  Students will continue to enhance their production skills learned in Radio I by developing commercials, on-air jingles, and bumpers. Radio II students will also  broadcast live at major Alameda events, including and not limited to, the Annual Island Bowl, the Park Street Faire, the Webster Island Jam Festival, commencement exercises, as well as men and women’s basketball games. Students in Radio II will also meet and talk to many professionals in the broadcast industry as well as create a professional, industry appropriate, resume.